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Choosing from the many insurance companies available and determining the right amount of coverage to protect your family and your assets can be daunting. OFC works with top-rated insurance companies. For every policy you need, we compare rates from different providers, getting you the best deal! We will help you wade through the many options and select products that are tailored to your needs and that doesn’t leave you either under-insured or over-insured. We align the coverage with the price you are both willing and able to pay. You can rest “insured” knowing that your personal agent will be looking out for you when you need them. Our work does not end when a policy is issued; but rather, we work continuously to provide you with personal assistance on any insurance needs you may have such as Certificates of Insurance, Claims or Changes to your policy/policies and always updating you with the policy renewals and new policies so that you can never be left behind. The thing that makes us stand out of the crowd is that we provide you with our app in which you can find all your insurance-related data, anytime, anywhere. At OFC Insurance, we believe in connecting with you to offer the best service possible and we understand that you the customer is the most important person to our business. So it is our goal to serve you in the best possible way to gain your confidence and earn your continued business.
If you ever need help with your policy, we’re a call or click away.


1. At OFC Insurance Agency, our mission and commitment are to provide our customers with quality insurance products and services to meet your personal and commercial insurance needs.

2. To make sure that you purchase an insurance policy that has the coverage that is right for your specific needs.

3. To meet and exceed the expectations of our clients by adhering to the highest level of integrity and ethical standards with the best possible services.

4. To be a globally recognizable agency.

Rakesh Gupta

I, Rakesh Gupta, started the business 17 years ago to connect with as many people as I can and insure them in the best possible manner which will protect them as well as their dear ones from any uncertainties. This website will provide you with very informative tools regarding types of insurance and mutual funds, financial advice and other details. I keep myself continuously updated by regular agent meetings and new insurance products in the industry. Through this, I am able to give updated and several options of policies to my clients to choose from along with financial advice at all times. Want to know the best about our services? Honesty and Loyalty! Till date, we have satisfied more than 1000 families and had sold a good number of insurance policies. We have also assisted many clients with their various financial requirements. I pursue a strategy of providing the best after-sales services.